Geog on… is the greatest; it’s official!

It’s been a great few days for the Geog On… project. It looks like our 2012 season has reached new listeners who are filling their ears catching up with the 2011 podcasts.

Yesterday we reached the heady hights of 33rd in the iTunesU top collections chart, and given this is quite a dynamic chart we may have even been higher – who knows!

Top iTunesU collections 05/03/2012

And then today – we hit the top of a chart! Geog On… is officially the greatest iTunesU Science collection for the 6th March 2012 🙂

The Greatest! 06/03/2012

Now I know these charts are based on relative numbers, and it may be a slow week in podcast land, and a lot of the USA hasn’t woken up yet – but for one brief moment in time we were the greatest, and that’ll do me.

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Geog on blog gets an early spring clean

Since its inception this blog has morphed slightly (without the help of Tony Hart) and so I’ve given it a once over.

I hope it’ll be now much easier to track down what you are looking for, especially if you’re after The Beestonian or one of the old podcasts.

All best.

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Keeping Antarctic Lakes Clean

The below is partly in response to a twitter conversation I had about the exciting Lake Ellsworth project yesterday – many thanks to @Lake_Ellsworth and good luck!!/notes/lake-ellsworth/more-about-keeping-it-clean-in-antarctica/208818345879098

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A New Year…A New Geog On

It appears to have been a while since I’ve put anything up here so welcome back.

Somehow the Geog On project is approaching its first Birthday and this blog has received nearly 1250 hits so far, alongside hundreds more on our iTunes U site.

This is hardly world-beating, but much more than I hoped for when I sat down with my dictaphone for the first time, so thanks for your support.

Geog On has had a first semester sabbatical but is now warming up for its 2012 season – so be prepared for more Geopodcasts coming to an MP3 player near you soon.

Whilst taking a break from Geog On, I have manged to get involved with a new outreach project in my local town of Beeston, as part of the team that produces “The Beestonian”; each edition includes a column from the University or from other academics. If you’d like to write about your research or your life at University for “The Beestonian” do let me know.

Here are some links to our early editions to see what you’ve bene missing out on!

Issue Minus 1                     Student Special

Issue 1                                 Issue 2

Issue 3                                 Issue 4

Issue 5

Happy New Year!

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What does your trowel say about you?

I’ve been lucky enough to work with archaeologists in various locations over the last few years and they often seem to find great amusement in poking fun at the size of my trowel (titter ye not – especially as mine tends to be significantly bigger!). We also smile at the differences between our section drawings which seems to focus at different scales and at a different level of detail – I was reminded of this this week when I was handed a tool to subsample some mud from a geologist friend of mine, and this got me thinking about the similarities and differences between the 3 disciplines…….

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Palin (M not S) clearly a fan of Geog On (if only S was)……

…well of Geography anyway.

Physcis may have PBC OBE but Geography has a Python, and as we all know form is temporary and class, well…….

Read this and weep tears of pride and joy geofans.

Thanks to @KeelePhysGeog for the link.

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Geographers without direction

This sounds like it would be an interesting title for a blog about our place in today’s world and the 21st centuary UK HE sector, however instead I just present to you this, taken by Prof. Metcalfe outside the Paul Klee museum in Bern a few weeks ago……

Geographers (well a Geoscientist and a Biologist anyway) break down having lost all perception of space and place in the Maize Maze!

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